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      Project Introduction 

      Lianghekou Hydropower Station is also known as Yalong River Lianghekou Hydropower Station, which is located in Yalong River trunk in the territory of Yajiang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is located in about 25km position on the upstream area of Yajiang County. It belongs to controlled reservoir hydropower station project of middle and downstream cascade hydropower stations in Yalong River. Lianghekou Hydropower Station has huge influence on development Yalong River cascade hydropower stations as a whole. Hydropower station is developed mainly for power generation. It also has the functions and roles of storing water and energy, sharing flood control task in middle and downstream area of Yangtze River, and improving shipping condition of Yangtze River waterway during dry season with prominent economic benefits. The dam site of the hydropower station is located on about 1.8km river section below estuary of Qingda River-trunk of Yalong River, and control river basin area is 65599 square kilometers.

      Applied products

      Low alkali accelerator; alkali-free accelerator

      Case Show

      Lianghekou Hydropower Station