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      Sichuan Tieke New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Sichuan Jintang Industrial Park, Chengdu. It is equipped with science and technology building, academician (expert) building, professional technical research and development center, test and detection center and modern large-scale factory, which cover an area of sixty thousand square meters. The company employs 28 expert scientific and technological personnel with intermediate and senior professional titles and 40 professional technical personnel. The company is a modern enterprise integrating science, industry and trade based on design, development, production and sales of energy-saving, environment-friendly and new materials. 

      The company establishes research and development platform of energy-saving, environment-friendly and new materials with Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University and Beijing University. 15 new materials and new products have been successfully developed with international and domestic invention patents. The company annually produces more than 300 thousand tons of new material products, including high-performance durable cement concrete (mortar) special anti-cracking anticorrosive plasticizer (water reducer), carboxylic acid water reducer, anticorrosive preservative, airtight agent, anti-shock wear-resistant agent, waterproof anticorrosive rubber powder, environment-friendly anti-cracking anticorrosive waterproof material, grouting agent, bearing mortar, anti-cracking expanding agent, antifreeze, underwater anti-washout agent, accelerator, anchoring agent, anti-rust agent (corrosion inhibitor), air-entraining agent, binder, colorant and other series. These new materials have been widely applied in domestic and foreign high-grade railways, highways, electric power, coastal projects, cross-sea bridge, sub-sea tunnel, industry, civil purpose, national defense, municipal work and other construction projects. Excellent technical, economic, social, environmental protection and energy saving benefits have been achieved, and the products are well received by users.

      The company establishes academician (expert) innovation workstation, production, industry-university-research joint laboratory and enterprise technology center. It passed authentication in national high and new technology enterprise, Sichuan innovation pilot enterprise, Chengdu foster enterprise, ISO9000 quality management system, ISO14000 environment management system, ISO18000 occupational safety and health management system, railway product CRCC, AQ standardization, etc. It is the preferred enterprise of technical service and material supply in domestic large group enterprise strategic cooperation as well as domestic and foreign oversize projects.

      The company adheres to the policies of 'scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, quality first and honest management', which tries to provide better services and products for building and construction units, and create modern boutiques with peers.